Imagine four weddings with: Marco/Mario Manuel/Thomas Mats/Erik and Bastian/Lukas how do you think that would be? who would win? who would spend the most money? what kind of weddings do you think they would have?


Well this would be very interesting, watching these four couples plan their wedding at the same time XD. 

Hmmm let’s see I think that the Gotzeus wedding would take place somewhere very lavish like a large cathedral. Mario would demand complete perfection and I think he would plan every last detail of their special day (kind of like a bridezilla XD). The reception would look like a fairy wonderland and Mario would be so happy to finally be married to his prince charming ^_^. 

Next we have Manuel and Thomas (I don’t really know a lot about this couple because I usually ship neumer, so have patience with me ^_^). I think that this wedding would be very crazy! I think Neuer would sit back and let Thomas plan most of the wedding, which might not be the best idea, lol. This wedding would probably take place outside with a horse as Thomas’ MOH.

Then we move to Mats and Erik. I think they’re a cute, quiet couple. This wedding would be very simple, I can’t really see Erik wanting to spend a whole lot of money or having anything too big, only close friends and family. Mats on the other hand will probably plan a wild reception with lots of dancing and cake smashing XD.

Last but not least we have the Schweinski wedding! This wedding would be a mix of crazy and lavish. I believe that Bastian and Lukas would want the best for each other, but they wouldn’t invite the world to their wedding. There would be a cute little ring bearer (Lukas’ son, who I can’t think of his name at the moment, sorry x.x) and they would each dance with him at the reception ^_^

Now as for who would spend the most money? Gotzeus of course! Mario likes the finer things in life and Marco loves to give him whatever he wants. I hope this answers your question! XD

Mario seems to look even younger since the world cup, he looks like a twink.. MARCO'S TWINK THOUGH OMG


He does seem younger! I think that it’s because he’s not under as much stress as he was before ^_^

But you’re right, HE’S MARCOS LITTLE TWINK and I don’t think Mario would want it any other way! XD


Mario Gotze :)